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Toyota Sports 800- 1967

Toyota Sports 800- 1967

Just before the turn of the century, Sakicki Toyoda invented many major improve-ments for weaving looms. Funds from the sales of these patents allowed his son to get into the automobile business. Pre-war Toyotas were highly influenced by cars such as the Chrysler Airflow, Chevrolet, and Volvo PV60. Following WWII, Toyota did not receive permission from the occupying forces to resume car production until 1949. This car was Toyota’s first sports car. In 1967, Toyota brought 41 left hand drive s-800s to the U.S. to allow Toyota dealers to test them. The dealers concluded the cars would not sell in the U.S., and Toyota sold the cars to dealers here instead of taking them back to Japan. 


  • Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Works
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Engine: 760cc, 40 hp, twin cylinder, air cooled
  • Top Speed: 95 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1965-1969
  • Number Produced: 3,120 (41 left hand)

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