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Deutsch-Bonnet HBR5- 1955

Deutsch-Bonnet HBR5- 1955

Deutsch-Bonnet was an unofficial partnership between Charles Deutsch and Rene Bonnet. It was “unofficial” because Deutsch was a civil servant who oversaw all French roads and French law prohibited civil servants from owning a business. Deutsch Bonnet started in 1938 and by 1958 they were building the D-B HBR5 you see here. This car was powered by a Panhard motor and gearbox. The HBR5 was very successful at Lemans and no two HBR5s were alike. In 1961, the partners split, and Rene Bonnet began building the D-jet (an example of which is to your right).


  • Manufacturer: Rene Bonnet
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Engine: 900cc, 2 cylinder, air cooled
  • Top Speed: 100 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: Few

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