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Citroën 2CV 1975

Citroën 2CV 1975

Twenty-five years after production began, the 2CV has been through minor changes. Compare the similarities and differences of this later model 2CV with the older grey model sitting to its right. Although production exceeded 121,000 units in both 1970 and 1971, Citroën tried to phase out the 2CV. In 1982, they were still turning out 500 cars a day. Even through the 1990s, people preferred the low-priced, older styled model. Citroëns were produced in Portugal from 1988 through 1991.


  • Manufacturer: Andrè Citroën, Ingénieur-Constructeur
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Engine: 425cc - 602cc
  • Top Speed: 59 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1950-1991
  • Number Produced: 7,000,000

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