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BMW 600 Saloon- 1958

BMW 600 Saloon- 1958

In 1957, BMW brought out a 4-seater development of the Isetta.  The 600 (named for its engine size), has two doors:  the swing-up front door as on the Isetta, and a door on the right side for passengers.  While it may be laughingly referred to as an “Isetta limousine,” the 600 took several steps to becoming a real car.  The narrow rear track was widened to two inches narrower than its front.  Eight inches were added to the wheel base to allow a back seat.  Wheels were still 10 inches in diameter, but at 3½ inches wide, they are half an inch wider than the Isetta wheel.  The front suspension retained the leading-arm with coil-spring design, though it was beefed up for the 600.  Approximately 3,500 600s came to the U.S.  To meet U.S. safety requirements, modifications were made to the bumper


  • Manufacturer: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Engine: 582cc, 20 bhb
  • Top Speed: 62 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1957-1959
  • Number Produced: 34,318
  • Original Cost: $1,398

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