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Yamaha-WR250- 2001

Yamaha-WR250- 2001


Continuing the trend set by the WR400 and the YZ426, the WR250 brings ridiculously low weight (102 kilos!!!) and a whole new kind of handling and throttle response to its class.  One factor that makes the liquid-cooled, dohc engine so revolutionary is a volume and breadth of power that is completely unprecedented in it's class - all the way to its 13,500 rpm redline!  It's the same throttle position sensing system, titanium valves and ultra-short stroke, low reciprocating mass layout you'll find on larger Yamahas.

Manufacturer:  Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin:  Japan
Engine:  249 cc, liquid cooled, 5 valve, DOH C, 4 stroke with titanium valves
Transmission:  5 speed
Top Speed:  __ miles per hour
Years of Production:  1996-2003
Number Produced:  _____
Original Cost:  $10,500

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