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Jawa 250- 1963

Jawa 250- 1963


In 1929, the manufacturing branch of František Janeek of Prague decided to begin production of motorcycles.  He received a license to produce the German-built Wanderer.  Thus, the name of the company is a combination of the first two letters of the names Janeek and Wanderer.  Jawa entered the market with a 498cc machine that was expensive to produce and not fully developed.  George-William Patchett joined the company in 1930, and by 1932 Jawa had its first commercial successful machine.  During World War II, Jawa’s factories repaired motorcycles for the Germans.  The company was nationalized in 1945 and began building two-stroke machines.  They offered racing machines which won many road races in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  The company (pronounced “yah-va”) is still active today.     

Manufacturer:  Jawa
Country of Origin:   Czechoslovakia
Engine:  ___
Transmission:  ___
Top Speed:  __ miles per hour
Years of Production:  19__-__
Number Produced:  _____
Original Cost:  ____

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