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Gas Gas TXT50- 2000

Gas Gas TXT50- 2000


From small beginnings in 1974, Gas Gas has grown into a world class Spanish manufacturer of trials, enduro, and motocross machines. Now, Gas Gas is a formidable name in the trials’ world having won numerous world events from 1993 to present. The TXT50 is their smallest trials bike. Motorcycle trials is a non-speed event run on specialized motorcycles. Trials bikes are distinct in that they are extremely lightweight, have no seat (they are designed to be ridden standing up), and have suspension travel that is short, relative to a motocross or enduro motorcycle. In a trials event, a competitor rides through a natural obstacle course while attempting to avoid touching the ground with the feet. When the foot touches the ground, the rider receives a one-point penalty. The winner is the competitor with the least points at the end of the event.

Manufacturer: Gas Gas Motos
Country of Origin: Spain
Engine: 50cc, two stroke
Transmission: 2 speed
Top Speed: 30 miles per hour
Years of Production: 2000-present
Number Produced: _____
Original Cost: $2,000

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