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Cushman Eagle- 1962

Cushman Eagle- 1962

Everett and Clinton Cushman began making farm machinery and two-cycle boat motors in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1901. The famous “Husky” single-cylinder four-stroke engine debuted in 1922. To bolster engine sales during the Depression, Cushman introduced their first scooter

in 1936, the Auto-Glide. The Model 53 Airborne was made famous during World War II as a scooter that could be air-dropped alongside paratroopers.

In 1949, Cushman introduced its most popular model, the Eagle. This was a departure from the step-through scooter design to one that resembled a scaled-down traditional motorcycle, namely a Harley-Davidson Knucklehead or an Indian Chief. The Eagle was available with a number of accessories, from plastic windshields to dual split exhaust (as this was a single-cylinder engine, this was done purely for the enhanced exhaust note). The ultimate option of the day were fringed leather saddle bags, as seen here on our Eagle.


Manufacturer: Cushman Motor Works
(a division of Textron, Inc.)
Country of Origin: United States
Engine: 319cc, four-stroke, 1-cylinder,
5 HP
Transmission: Two speed
Top Speed: 50-60 mph
Years of Production: 1949-1964


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