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Aerothrust-Powered Bicycle- 1914

Aerothrust-Powered Bicycle- 1914

Aerothrust Engine Company was a small manufacturer in Chicago, Illinois that made small engines and propellers. They mated these two products together to make a semi-universal propeller propulsion unit. These units were to be used on bicycles, small boats, and ice sleds. What you see here is an Aerothrust unit mounted to a B. Klinedinst racing bicycle. Sales were slow, to no surprise, and Aerothrust ceased operation in 1919. Aerothrust also made outboard motors.



Manufacturer: Aerothrust Engine Co.& B. Klinedinst

Country of Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA (bicycle) and La Porte, Indiana. USA (engine)

Engine: Aerothrust; air-cooled, twin-cylinder, 2-stroke, 3bhp

Top Speed: 60 mph

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