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Volvo 66 DL- 1974

Volvo 66 DL- 1974

DAF began in 1928 as a small garage. By 1949, they started manufacturing trucks and trailers. Their success led to the production of cars. The idea was to build
a small affordable "luxury" car with an automatic transmission similar to that in a Buick Dynaflow. The problem was that such a transmission was too big, too complicated and too expensive to use in a small car. Inspired by the belt-driven machinery in the factory, he came up with the idea to produce a car transmission using belts and conical wheels called variomatic. DAF introduced the variomatic transmission in its 600 model at the 1958 Auto Fair in Amsterdam. Here you see an example of the DAF. 66. In 1974 Volvo took a majority of the shares of DAF. The DAF 66 stayed in production, and shortly thereafter the name was changed to Volvo 66.


  • Manufacturer: D.A.F.
  • Engine: 1108cc, 53 hp, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, Renault-sourced
  • Top Speed: 85 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1972-1975 (D.A.F.), 1975-1980 (Volvo)
  • Number Produced: 172.883

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