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Volkswagen Rabbit

Volkswagen Rabbit "Rocket Car"- 1981

Double Bubble Bio-Diesel Trouble, as this craft was once known, was built by Don Schaper of Huntsville, AL in 2006, for the Houston Art Car Weekend and Parade. Underneath the futuristic Buck Rogers fiberglass bodywork beats the heart of a 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel with a five-speed - no warp engines, sadly. The rear axle has obviously been narrowed, but otherwise, the drivetrain is intact, and reportedly gets over 50 MPG. Don said it preferred used Krispy Kreme grease!
At one time, Double Bubble sported 63 junkyard-sourced horns, bells, and whistles, as well as a bubble machine. The twin canopies are allegedly from Talon T-38 trainer jets. While this was Don's first Art Car Parade car, it was not his first project car. Huntsville natives had grown used to seeing his creations on the city's streets; Don was building about one a year. "People follow me all over. They crowd around and take pictures. TV stations follow me home!"
The Rocket Car should serve as fair warning to any who seek new and interesting cars by trolling Craigslist!

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