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Triumph TR8- 1980


The Triumph name originated on bicycles in the 1880s. Motorcycles were added in 1902. The first car appeared in 1923. The TR series came from the desire to make a simple sports car similar to the MG TD and Morgan Plus Four, but with more up-to-date styling. The “TR1” was shown at the 1952 Earls Court Show. Here is a time-line of the production of triumphs:

TR2 was produced from 1953-55 with 8,628 being built.
TR3 was produced from 1955-57 with 13,377 being built.
TR3a was produced from 1957-61 with 58,236 being built.
TR3b was produced in 1962 with 3,331 being built.
TR4 was produced from 1961-65 with 40,253 being built.
TR4a was produced from 1965-67 with 28,465 being built.
TR5 was produced from 1967-68 with 2,947 being built.
TR250 (the TR5 for the N. Amer. market) from 1967-68 with 8,494 being built.
TR6 was produced from 1968-76 with 94,619 being built.
TR7 was produced from 1974-81 with 112,368 being built.

The TR7 was a controversial car; it introduced us to the wedge-shaped body seen in the TR8. The TR8 was produced for export only, although 18 right hand drive were built for the British market as a coupe or convertible, convertibles being more common. This is the last model Triumph produced.