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Tatra T-603 MKII Saloon- 1964

Tatra T-603 MKII Saloon- 1964

When the centralized planned economy in the Czech Republic appointed Tatra to be the manufacturer for big automobiles, work started on the T-603. This model was unveiled to the public in 1955 at the International Motor Event in Zlin, and production started in 1957. The T-603-2 which you see here was introduced in 1963 and has a four-headlight unit. The body is an all-steel monocoque construction lighter in weight than the T-87. This is a roomy six passenger car. Unusually, the front bench seat can be folded back to make a temporary bed. The T-603 could not be bought by private customers, as it was only for Communist officials and presidents in Eastern-European countries and Cuba.



  • Manufacturer: Tatra, narodni podnik
  • Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
  • Engine: 2472cc, 105 bhp, V8, air-cooled ohv
  • Top Speed: 100 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1957-1975
  • Number Produced: 20,422
  • Original Cost: 200,000 k

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