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Mochet Luxe- 1953

Mochet Luxe- 1953

Charles Mochet was France’s best known maker of pedal cars as a practical means of transportation for adults. He made pedal and cycle cars until WWII. In 1945 Mochet turned to powered vehicles. He did away with pedals and added a 125cc engine – this became the C.M.-125 which you see here. The simple design follows Mochet’s philosophy, “If it isn’t there, it can’t break.” The car sold well partly because no driver’s license was required, and partly because new post-war French cars from Citroën and Renault had a waiting period of years, compared to Mochet’s six weeks. This example from the first year of production has the nose section flanged and bolted instead of welded. It has a primitive “homemade” steering wheel. The gas tank also serves as an extension of the seatback. At Mochet’s peak in the early 1950s, he was making 40 cars a month.


  • Manufacturer: Etablissments Charles Mochet
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Engine: 125cc, 1 cylinder, 3.5 hp
  • Top Speed: 25 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1951-1953
  • Number Produced: 1,250

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