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Honda Today- 1986


Honda’s reputation for small cars has been built on several models, although they are best known in the U.S. for the Civic. One model they kept for their own market was the Today. At 125.8 inches in length and 1,410 pounds, the Today was Honda’s first “kei” class passenger car since the Honda Life was discontinued ten years prior. The engine was brought over from the Acty truck and the torquey little parallel twin worked well in city traffic. Although it only offers 31 horsepower, the light weight and small size made it popular with many Japanese urban dwellers. The television commercials of the day featured young actresses enjoying carefree lives with their Todays, including relaxing trips to the countryside and girls-day-out shopping trips. In real life, the cars were often parked outside, in parking spots meant for motorcycles, and even on sidewalks. Well-preserved examples are very difficult to find.
This car is rare because it has the 2-cylinder engine which was only available from 1985-1988. This particular car spent its life with an enthusiast, and is not only a nice example, but with Hayashi Street wheels, lowered suspension, and other personal touches, it’s also a time capsule of 1980’s Japanese tuning.
The Honda Today was updated twice during its 13-year production run. It was replaced by the new Honda Life in 1997.

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Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo
Country of Origin: Japan
Drivetrain Configuration: Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Engine: 2-cylinder, 545cc, water-cooled, 31 HP
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Top Speed: 75 MPH
Years of Production: 1985-1998
Number Produced:
Original Cost: $4,500.00