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Aero 30- 1936

Aero 30- 1936

Aero automobiles were manufactured in Czechoslovakia from 1928-1947 when the automobile industry in that country was nationalized. When founded in 1925, Aero mainly produced airplanes. The first true car, the “10," was produced in 1929 but it was the Aero 30 that made the biggest impression. These front-wheel drive cars used all-independently sprung platform frames with mechanical brakes and friction dampers. The longitudinally mounted engines were two-strokes, water-cooled, with light alloy deflector-type pistons. Production ceased during the war but the A30 was briefly revived with about 500 cars with redesigned grilles and a synchromesh gearbox were produced in 1946 and 1947. Aero was the fourth largest Czech auto manufacturer. Annual sales in the late 1930s were around 1000 cars; they were exported to France, Belgium, Hungary, and Romania.

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Manufacturer: Aero
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Engine: 998cc, two cylinders, 2-stroke, 28bhp
Top Speed: 65mph
Years of Production: 1934-1947
Number Produced: 7,780


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