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ACOMA Comtesse Break- 1979


In 1979, ACOMA introduced the Break, or type 790, which used the same chassis and a similar engine as their Super Comtesse. This four-wheeled two-seater version offered a much larger, boxier body design with an interior volume of 1 cubic meter. Advertised as a vehicle with a large load-carrying capacity, there is room for two people inside as well as a spacious luggage compartment behind the seats, accessed through the enormous top-hinged tailgate. In order to make the Break a two person vehicle, the model had to be approved as a special machine and was fitted with a VTSU which limited top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph). This restriction was lifted in 1980, permitting the later models to go much faster. The Break was available in either white or beige.




Manufacturer: ACOMA

Country of Origin: Angers, France

Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine: Motobécane; air-cooled, 50cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke, 3.2bhp

Transmission: Automatic

Top Speed: 25 km/h (15 mph)

Years of Production: 1979-1984

Number Produced: About 18,000 (all models)

Original Cost: Unknown