Rally for The Lane

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The car you have chosen may still be available for the other day of the Rally. If not- there are plenty of great cars to choose from. Return to the Rally Reservation Page

If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Garrison at (615)742-7445 or via email

Thank you for your support of Lane Motor Museum!

Rally for The LaneEver dream of driving that special vintage car that you’ve seen at a national car show? Lane Motor Museum can make your dream come true on September 25 at our First Annual Rally for The Lane.

Rally for The Lane

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If you wish to continue with your registration and need any assistance, please contact Vicki Garrison at (615)742-7445 or via email

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Don't forget that you can split the price with a friend! We'll even create separate invoices so you don't have to deal with collecting the money!

Other Questions about Rally for The Lane?

Please contact Vicki Garrison at (615)742-7445 or via email

If you have decided that this is too much of a commitment at this time but you would still like to support Lane Motor Museum, we would appreciate any donation that you can afford at this time:

Thank you for your support of Lane Motor Museum!

Rally for The Lane

Thank you for purchasing a car to drive in the Second Annual Rally for The Lane!

Please check your email for a receipt of this purchase that will be sent from PayPal.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you return to the Rally page the car you reserved will not be marked as "sold" until someone at the museum can log into the website to manually make this change- it does not happen automatically. For each car and day of the Rally there is only an inventory of 1 item available to purchase so if you receive a receipt from PayPal, your purchase is secured. Another attempt to purchase this car on the same day will result in a "sold out" message from PayPal.

Within 2-3 business days you will receive official registration information from the museum via email. If you plan to split the car registration with another party you can indicate this information in your registration form. We will then invoice you and, if applicable, the other member(s) of your party for the remaining payment.

Until then, please don't hestitate to contact Vicki Garrison at (615)742-7445 or via email with any questions you may have.


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