This “car” was built from body parts taken from a 1975 Mini, skillfully “shrunken” to approximately 2/3 the size of a “real” Mini. The body is all steel, and the time to fabricate it was over 400 hours, or about 10 weeks of full-time labor! It is not fully complete, as one can see by closer inspection – it lacks pedals and controls, a working steering gear, and general finishing. Sharp-eyed viewers may note the new MINI badge on the front as well. There is a working Honda four-stroke engine in the rear, which will couple to a centrifugal clutch and transmission. Purchased at a Classic Mini meet in England, the 2/3 Scale Mini is a perfect example of a shrinking car.

Lane Motor Museum

Wanted to let you know that the museum WILL open this morning at 10am. If we need to close early we will announce this later. Thanks!

by Lane Motor Museum


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