Morris Motor Company was started in the 1920s and established a reputation for reliable family cars.  In the 1950s, Morris merged with its old rival Austin to form British Motor Corp.  Economic factors in the UK in the mid-1950s made the creation of “a proper miniature car”  a priority, and BMC assigned a small team of designers to the task.  Alec Issigonis, a Greek immigrant with an extensive racing and engineering background, led the design team.  Mini was introduced in 1959, to wild acclaim.  The popularity of the Mini spawned many models that targeted different markets.  The Mini Traveller, a two door station wagon with double “barn-door” style rear doors, was designed for carrying.  The luxury model you see here has wood inserts in the rear body.  This left-hand drive Mini was designed for export and was originally delivered to a dealer in Portugal.  It remained in Europe until 2002.

Manufacturer:  Morris Motors Ltd
Country of Origin:  Great Britain
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, front wheel drive
Engine:  850cc, 4 cylinder, 45 hp
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Top Speed:  70 miles per hour
Years of Production:  1961-69
Number Produced:  Unknown
Original Cost:  Unknown


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