Willam H. Lambretta presented a Lambretta-engined prototype at the Paris Salon in 1966.  He formed Lambretta S.A.F.D.–a company that marketed and rebadged Italian imports by Lawil, Casalini, and others.  His many connections allowed him to create a large microcar empire in France for the next 20 years.  His first car is the Willam City (or C2) which you see here.  It was built in Italy and sold there as a Lawil (Lambretta Willam).  The City is made of fiberglass and is 6½ feet long, 4 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and weighs 700 pounds.  There is one bench seat for two passengers.  Advertising for the Willam City offered “all the advantages of a traditional car combined with its own qualities.”  Willam microcars were typically quite square with, some say, ugly lines. And for those who require storage space–the Willam Fourgonnette.

Manufacturer:  Lambretta S.A.F.D.
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  125cc, 1 cylinder, 5.6 hp, Lambretta 2-stroke
Transmission:  3 speed
Top Speed:  43 miles per hour
Years of Production:  1967-72
Number Produced: _____
Original Cost:  ____


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