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Kawasaki KDX 250- 1992

Kawasaki KDX 250- 1992


Kawasaki is both the smallest of the four major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and the largest industrial conglomerate.  Founded in Tokyo in 1878, Kawasaki has been involved in shipping, steel production, locomotive manufacturing, aircraft, and, of course, motorcylces.  Due to manufacturing restrictions after World War II, Kawasaki Aircraft Company turned its focus to the production of motorcycle engines.  The first bike manufactured and sold as a Kawasaki was the b8, a 125cc single cylinder motorcycle introduced in 1963.  Designed to deliver maximum performance for recreational trail riding or serious off-road competition, the Kawasaki kdx250 has become an off-road legend.  It has earned high marks for its combination of power, light weight, and nimble handling, making it  an all-time off-road sales leader.

Manufacturer:  Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Country of Origin:  Japan
Engine:  250cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke
Transmission:  5 speed manual
Top Speed:  60 miles per hour
Years of Production:  1983-present
Number Produced:  Still in production
Original Cost:  $3,000

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