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Volvo 142 Race Car- 1970

Volvo 142 Race Car- 1970

Across the exhibit area under the flag of Sweden, you will see a stock Volvo. Here in front of you is a Volvo 142 that has been modified for racing and is frequently raced by Jeff Lane. SCCA created the “improved touring (i.t.) class” race cars in the late 1980s. This class is meant to be an entry level racing class--the cars have to be at least five years old, and only limited modifications are permitted. The Volvo 142 is classed in “i.t.b.” Bob Griffith, a Pennsylvania race car builder, created a “kit” to transform a street car into a race car. Bob’s cars were referred to as “Volvos from hell.” Most of the cars looked like h_ _ _, sounded like h_ _ _, and went like h_ _ _. The fun factor in this type of racing is unmatched considering the relatively low cost.


  • Manufacturer: AB Volvo
  • Country of Origin: Sweeden
  • Engine: 4 cylinder, water cooled, 140 hp
  • Top Speed: 105 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1967-1974
  • Number Produced: 520,000

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