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Saab 96 Roadster- 1967

Saab 96 Roadster- 1967

The Saab 96 was presented at a Stockholm press conference on February 17, 1960. It was well received and proved popular. In 1967, Saab considered making the 96 model as a convertible. The factory had six cars made by a special body maker and then decided the demand might not warrant the extra tooling costs. The idea to put the convertible into full production did not proceed. This Saab 96 has a 2-stroke motor. In 1968, the T-stroke engine was replaced with a 4-stroke v-4 because of developing emission laws in the United States. This convertible roadster may be the only two-stroke Saab 96 Roadster in the U.S. It was built by associates of the firm which would later build the prototype Saab 900 convertible.



  • Manufacturer: Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (SAAB)
  • Country of Origin: Sweeden
  • Engine: 850cc, 3 cylinder, triple carb Monte Carlo engine, 60 hp
  • Top Speed: 85 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1967
  • Number Produced: 6

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