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Praga Baby- 1936

Praga Baby- 1936

Dating back to 1907, Praga is one of the most important Czech makes. The first car to carry the Praga name appeared in 1910 with the slogan “cars which last for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.” In 1929, Praga produced 7,500 vehicles–more than all other Czech companies combined. The Baby, introduced in 1934, was chosen as the most elegant small car at the 1934 Berlin Car Show (2,250 were sold that year alone). It featured the first fully synchronized gearbox in Czechoslovakia. Another unusual feature is the backbone frame and 4-wheel independent suspension. During World War II, over 4,000 military vehicles were produced by the company. After nationalization, Praga produced trucks and buses until 1964. The last Praga passenger cars appeared between 1946-48 when 300 cars were assembled from the surviving parts. 


  • Manufacturer: Auto Praga
  • Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
  • Engine: 996cc, 21 bhp, 4 cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Top Speed: 60 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1934-1937
  • Number Produced: 10,000
  • Original Cost: 22,500 Kc

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