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Peel Viking- 1964

Peel Viking- 1964

Most people associate Peel Engineering with the building of fiberglass bike fairingsand microcars. Peel also made a couple of different car models based on then-current production cars’ running gear. Before you is a Peel Viking, which is one of only seven left known to exist. Peel actually never produced the whole car; they would sell you the fiberglass body and you had to find a junk Mini to take the drivetrain and brakes from. Many other parts were borrowed straight from the Mini such as the steering wheel, doors and windows. Although it was a nice-looking and practical car, it did not sell and production hardly got started before it stopped. If you go to our microcar section, you will see a Peel P-50 and Peel Trident, also made by Peel Engineering.


  • Manufacturer: Peel Engineering Co.
  • Country of Origin: Isle of Man
  • Engine: 1100cc, 4 cylinder 40hp
  • Top Speed: 75 miles per hour
  • Number Produced: 27

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