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Mercedes Benz Unimog- 1962

Mercedes Benz Unimog- 1962

One of the oldest and most famous names in automobile history is Mercedes. The company began building cars in 1901. Daimler-Benz factories suffered greatly during World War II, but their recovery after the war was dramatic. The company focused on building delivery vans, pick-up trucks, and ambulances. The first post-war passenger cars were produced in 1947, and they returned to the luxury market in 1951. The Unimog was developed as a farm tractor and produce-hauler but with military potential in mind. Production began in 1949. The name “Unimog” was taken from the concept of a "universal-motor-gerät”, or a universal motor equipment. The name, like the concept, has retained its validity to this day; however the unique design of the Unimog, with its wide range of operational uses, continues to have much development potential. (Mercedes-Benz still produces a vehicle called the Unimog, but its appearance is far different).



  • Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Engine: 6 cylinder gasoline
  • Top Speed: 55 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1946-Present
  • Number Produced: 64,242 (mostly military)

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